воскресенье, 5 января 2014 г.

Ingvild Bolme giveaway

Hey-hey! Did you see this amazing giveaway?!

Девочки, в блоге у Ингвилд конфетка) и чем в больших источниках вы поделитесь информацией, тем у вас больше шансов.

А я прийду завтра с работами и объявлением по СП:)))

1. Share the Giveaway image on your online channels:
 - Your blog
-  Facebook
-  Instagram
-  Pinterest
-  Twitter
-  Online board /forum

2. Sign in the bottom of this post (Ingvild's blog!!!) with a link to your post / site / profile (or Instagram name) where you shared the image.

3. NOTE! You will get an extra ticket for the draw for each share you do! This is how:

-  For each share you do, you post a own comment below with a link to your share.
-  Each comment with link will be a own ticket for the draw.
-  Extra: For each time you share the Sneak Peek image on the top of this post, you can post own comments with links, and receive an extra chance to win for each comment/share!

All in all you can receive total 12 "tickets" for this draw! 
Only ONE comment for each share/image please!

A winner will be announced on Monday 13th of January!

Good luck and thank you for your shares!

and this is only a little part of what is coming soon...

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