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Декорируем стикеры, мастер класс/How to decorate post-its, tutorial

Девочки, привет! Сегодня я к Вам с постом- мастер-классом, который  я писала для блога Chic Tags. Будем украшать стикеры. Текст на английском, если нужен перевод- напишите в комментах- я переведу. Просто сейчас совсем мало времени и я стараюсь побольше всего успеть сделать:)

Hello ladies! I want to share with you a quick and easy tutorial for you. We all are girls and love pretty things, so lets decorate post-it stickers:)

Here how they look like when finished, pretty, yes?:)

and this is step-by-step tutorial:

 I would like to show you how we can make our post-it stickers to look pretty, yet still functional.

Here is a picture of how it usually starts:

Take your post-it sticker out of plastic and we need a heavy cardstock- i usually use the a4 of watercolor paper and cut it a bit wider then the size of your post it sticker (like 3-4mm more each side)

I usually cut 2 pieces and make 2 of my cute things at once.

Using your scor-pal tool score it, to make a folder for it.

Like that, then cut off the extra white paper

Once again, pressing more firmly fold your paoer on the scored lines

 Here the most boring part is finished, now we are ready to decorate them

I chose to go with these colors- its some older papers of Teresa Collins and lovely chic tags (for the list of chic tags materials used, please scroll down to the end of the post)

To decorate your post-its you need to cut the piece of paper a bit narrower then the width of your white base

 You need to cut three pieces, so it will fold nicely
 Here is the idea how it should look like
 Without sticking it to the white base, start your decorating

 Here is what I picked to decorate it with
 Place it nicely
 and the 2nd one
 from the coordinating paper i cut some tickets
 Before I am 100 percent sure that i will adhere the flair button, i just play with some overlay on it, the way it comes from the shop, so cut your button and start finding it a right place till you are happy/
 thats the way i am happy with my elements
 When you are done with placing your embellishments, move accurately this piece aside and stick the bottom and the little pieces to their places

and the finish touch- place the post-it sticker inside, also uisng the double side tape.

To see which Chic Tags products I used, please follow this link.

Thank you for stopping by! Hope you will recreate something like this.

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  1. Спасибо за МК!
    А как называется ткань,на которой сфотографированы работы?Ищу у нас такую в магазинах,никак не могу найти(

    1. %))) ткань мне давно дарила Римма Миненко, у нее нужно спросить:))) Если вдруг не знеате, то вот ее блог http://colorfulmemories-protea.blogspot.com/p/the-ranch-retreat-18-19-may-2013.html

  2. Замечательный МК, спасибо!

  3. привет! Жень прикольный и полезный МК, у меня как раз блок стикеров лежит- вот и украшу его. А перевод и не нужен, по фоткам все ясно

  4. Женя, спасибо за очень доступный МК!
    Блоки получились класнючие - свежие и позитивные!:)

  5. fantastic idea Evgenia!! it looks fantastic!! I just love it!!

  6. Женя, отличный МК! Спасибо.

  7. That is a very neat idea. I think I will do something similar to dress up my desk in the office...Thank you for your inspiartion.

  8. Beauitul Genia....I love little notepads...always write notes to myself! Great idea! ;-)

  9. Жень, спасибо за классный мк! Вдохновила! Как раз лежат стикеры без дела))

  10. какой миленький подарочек получается! спасибо!